Venus Bar SemiAutomatic

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  • Category: Venus Bar, Semiautomatic
  • Brand: Victoria Arduino
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  • SKU:VA-Venus-Bar-Semi-2&3
  • Category: Venus Bar, Semiautomatic
  • Brand: Victoria Arduino


Historic, Elegant, Powerful

Suitable for: Specialty coffee shops, medium volume locations.

A coffee machine that tells the history of espresso and is symbolic of espresso machines handmade. The Venus Bar, with its vertical body, technical features and use of the finest materials, continues to be a coffee machine appreciated for its design and for its technology.


Venus is the goddess of the Roman pantheon. It is a name that evokes the essence of beauty, the opulence of form, elegance, grace and the enticing femininity of the woman who won Paris in exchange for Helen’s love for him.

Even today, the Venus seems to preserve the splendor of the goddess from which it takes its name, with its large and gentle mirrored surfaces. It is a distraction that fascinates and wins you over. The Venus wants to take the splendor of the Victoria Arduino brand back to just after the Second World War, and it does so through an espresso machine with its form and pure materials. In a world that changes so abruptly, the Venus stands out forcefully, overcoming and embellishing the daily ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee with its elegant and impressive style.


The Venus comes in two different versions; chrome and copper. Once a version is chosen a craftsmen hammers the body into its iconic design. Meaning that each Victoria Arduino espresso machine exterior is the result of careful endeavor by skilled craftsmen, who work on each piece with great attention to detail. Once crafted the machine is coated with a scratchproof finish.

Refined Technology

The freestanding Venus Bar creates a drier, hotter steam that guarantees the most excellent creaminess in a cappuccino. Two or three groups are available adapting to individual needs. Faithful to the reliability of Victoria Arduino professional coffee machines, the Venus Bar has a double safety system with valve and thermostat, while the hydraulic systems maintain perfect thermal stability. In the semi-automatic version – more similar to the traditional model – simply pull the lever to dispense coffee, while in the volumetric version, just press a button. Simply rotate the taps for hot water or steam. Using the machine is straightforward and intuitive and, given the simplicity of the movements and mechanisms, the machine is extremely durable.


Standard Features Available
T3 System    
Volumetric Dosing    
Manual Dosing    
LCD Display    
Raised Group Heads    
Cool Touch Wands  


Surface Leds    
Push Pull Steam    
Soft Infusion System    
Automated Cleanings    
Power Saving Options    
Reverse Mirror    
Bar Pump Gauge    


Specs 2 Group 3 Group
Machine Length 17" 20"
Machine Height 37" 43"
Machine Width 17" 20"
Boiler Size   7.6 lt 14.8 lt
Volts 220v 220v
Watts: 2000 2700
Amp Draw 10 12
Power Input Nema 6-20 Nema 6-20
Water Connection Required      
Drain Required      
AutoSteam Capable    



Warranty Info

All of our espresso machines come standard with our 2 year manufacturer warranty.

We also sell additional dealer warranties which can be found above.

Water Info

The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommend to always add a water filter to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends the water and quantity of drinks being made (see estimating calculator).

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