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  • Brand: Victoria Arduino
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  • SKU:va-eagle-one
  • Category: Traditional Espresso Machines
  • Brand: Victoria Arduino


Eagle One: The Future of Specialty Coffee

Suitable for: Specialty coffee shops, High quality coffee shops, high volume locations, demanding professionals, barista competitors

The Eagle One is born in response to the new generation of coffee shops where DESIGN, PERFORMANCE, and SUSTAINABILITY are determining factors to create a pleasant and memorable experience.


NEO - New Engine Optimization

The Eagle One was developed to reduce our environmental impact by embracing new technology. Carbon emissions from power consumption are minimised through the use of new materials and the unique design of the machine. This can save you money on your power costs, especially when compared to other machines. 

The NEO engine uses an instant heating system with a unique insulation mechanism, that reduces not only the heat dispersion but also energy consumption. It works almost instantly, allowing only the necessary amount of water for the extraction to be heated, thus reducing energy-related costs.

Productivity and performance remain high, but consumption is considerably reduced. The LCA* (Life Cycle Assessment) demonstrated how the Eagle One had a 23% less environmental impact concerning the same category machine.

TERS (Temperature Energy Recovery System) uses the discharged water to pre-heat the incoming water. The result is a 8% saving on total machine consumption.


Design is simplicity.

For the shape of the Eagle One, Victoria Arduino was inspired not only by its impressive history, but also concentrating on the needs of the new era coffee shops that require compact, efficient, and sustainable machines.

This is how design and innovation fuse: having a substantial impact inside the machine in directly related to its new form. The result is a compact object, simple to use, minimal design, with a new engine able to guarantee high performance and energy efficiency.


Coming Soon: My Victoria Arduino App

Eagle one is a machine that is born to be "smart"; with a backbone of technology that will allow for future product enhancements, including integration into the My Victoria Arduino App to be released in the future. 

Exclusive and user-friendly, the Eagle One app will soon allow a Bluetooth connection for the user to create and share information and recipes about coffee recipes and drink profiles with a global network of coffee professionals. The app will also be able to track and control various functions of the espresso machine without interrupting the barista workflow. 


Standard Features Available


NEO Technology  


Volumetric Dosing    
Manual Dosing    
LCD & Group Head Display  


Raised Group Heads    
Cool Touch Wands  


Push Lever Steam    
Soft Infusion System    
Stainless Steel Body    
Digital Pump Gauge    


Specs 2 Group 3 Group
Machine Length 30" 39"
Machine Height 17.5" 17.5"
Machine Width 23" 23"
Boiler Type   NEO NEO
Volts 220v 220v
Watts: 4800 6300
Amp Draw 30 50
Plug Type (Nema) L6-30 L6-50
Water Connection Required      
Drain Required      
EasyCream Capable      


Warranty Info

All of our espresso machines come standard with our 2 year manufacturer warranty.

We also sell additional dealer warranties which can be found above.

Water Info

The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommend to always add a water filter to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends the water and quantity of drinks being made (see estimating calculator).

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